Weight Loss Nutrition

Diet Hip or Hype: Carb Cycling


We were recently out with friends when someone mentioned that they could eat carbs that evening because it was their “carb day”. They were following…

How Gratitude can Help You Reach Your Happy Weight


In the realm of weight loss solutions and healthy eating, you hear a lot about counting calories, the next magic diet combo, or this week’s…

You asked! Should I do a juice cleanse to beat bloat?


Q: I’m feeling bloated, heavy, and just blah, and am considering a 5-day juice cleanse. Do you recommend any?

Q&A: How often should you weigh yourself?


How often should you weigh yourself? What works for you may be a bit different than what works for someone else.

Ask C&J Nutrition: What’s the healthiest breakfast?


Research shows that people who regularly eat breakfast tend to be leaner. Breakfast eaters also gain some serious benefits like eating less later in the…

How to Prevent Winter Weight Gain


Q: I find that I gain at least a few extra pounds every winter and by the time spring comes, I’m scrambling to lose it…

Q: Is diet soda bad for weight loss?


A:  Although diet soda does not contain calories or sugar, some studies have shown that artificial sweeteners, like those in diet soda, are associated with…

Watermelon and Arugula Salad with Toasted Sunflower Seeds


Fight fat and get healthy skin with this watermelon and arugula salad This refreshing sweet and tangy salad combo is perfect for a summer barbecue,…

Q&A: How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau


Q: I was losing weight steadily and so happy about it.  But for the last two weeks the scale will not budge.  How do I…

5 Super Foods for Women’s Health


Foods that help you stay strong, energized, and maintain a healthy weight! Kale This nutrition rich, leafy green is a good (non-dairy) source of calcium,…

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